MADRIDISTAS ATTENTION: The 2018/2019 RMLA membership is now CLOSED


Membership Benefits / Cost / Rules

(Please read entire posting listed as all information is pertinent):


Exclusive items for ALL OPMS:

  • RMLA cap and a high quality pin.
  • Preferential notification and seating via meetup, of all premium games (i.e. Classic, Champions League, Copa del Rey) and access to special events and promotions only available to OPMS!
  • Courtesy of our sponsor: Soccer Stores, Inc., A special 20% discount on all merchandise which includes a great selection of Real Madrid items !!! They Have 5 locations, please check them out at http://www.soccerstoresinc.com  (must present membership card to receive discount – Which will be given to all OPM’s
  • The Peña possibility to join organized trips to see our team during the season at the Bernabeu provided you are a member in good standing (paid membership dues and attended at least 10 meetups each season, excluding Clasico, Champion’s League & Cup matches). These events are not guaranteed to happen and greatly will depend on the availability of a trusted organizer to take on these highly time-consuming tasks.
  • The ability to purchase tickets to Real Madrid games through the club where available at special RMLA prices
  • All O.P.M’s will have access to special drawings / raffles of exclusive Real Madrid products and memorabilia.
  • All O.P.M’s will have the opportunity to join and participate in Pena Madridista’s philanthropic /charitable events that we do throughout the season.

If you are listed as an event-attending to the Meetup.com it is BECAUSE YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL MEMBER for the 2016/2017 season. This is not an “actual” event. It is a way for us to keep track of our official members and to communicate with them. Do not change your RSVP status once you are listed as a Yes, Because you will NOT receive any communications from us if you do so!



Disclaimer 1 : We are a social group that bases our success on people being active within the group, i.e. joining us for a fair number of meetings. We always welcome and try to integrate new members during their first visits.  Membership participation is an essential part of our success.

Disclaimer 2 : On the subject of access to training sessions / private meetings, and obtaining players’ signatures during The US summer tours or games at the Bernabeu. Those are  VERY extraordinary events are not likely to happen on a yearly basis. In most cases, space will be limited by Real Madrid (in the past it’s been limited to 10-20 members) and amongst the petitioners, preference will be given to OPM members that have actively participated in our events and are contributing to the success of our group.

These events will be handled on a case by case basis and only your RMLA membership gives you the possibility  to participate in those events.  Given the limited numbers allowed by Real Madrid and the high number of petitioners we receive for these events, generally we use a random lottery / drawing method, if there is more than one event, those who attended the 1st event are not eligible to attend a 2nd event.

If you join this group because you want to meet other Madridistas in the area, then WE  are the group for you. If you are joining this group because you want to meet the players, then we probably are not the group for you as we cannot make any promises that it will happen and their schedules can change without any notice.

Disclaimer 3 : As NOTED in “new member” rules sent to each person upon joining this supporters group. Bad behavior will  not be tolerated under any circumstances!!

This includes any and all of the following:

  • Inappropriate behavior on social media & meetup such as inappropriate pictures, postings, comments, profanities in posting /comments getting into disagreements and /or harassing fellow members is not allowed.
  • Belligerent and obnoxious behavior is not acceptable at meetups,: such as chanting or shouting profanities, and causing problems with other members or attendees. Remember, we are respecting the venue and their patrons.  We must respect  ALL  attendees and staff at our venues.
  • Harassment of any time of any attendee or wait staff during an official meetup, male or female, by another member is automatic expulsion.
  • Anyone who does not follow or wish to follow the rules of this Real Madrid Supporters group will be suspended and if said behavior continues, they will be expelled from LA Peña Madridista upon a vote of the board members.

Disclaimer 4 : Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Disclaimer 5 : If you do not pick up your OPM items by the end of the regular season (May 2017), we will no longer hold it for you.

Disclaimer 6 : Only paid members (OPM’s) will be eligible to purchase discounted game tickets, with a maximum of four (4) tickets total per O.P.M. for the Bernabeu or other out of town venues) or special treatment when visiting Bernabeu. This is subject to availability and RM approval club.



You have seen in past seasons being an official member of RMLA has privileges, so do not miss your opportunity and become a member now!



We use the emailing tool in the meetup.com attendance event page as the ONLY way to communicate with our members in matters concerning their membership and other important announcements. If you do not want to miss out on any Important announcement / events, meet up please keep your e-mail up to date and check regularly. For example: Often times, especially around the  U.S summer tours, we hear from Real Madrid within 12-48 hours of a certain event & then we pass it on to our members marked as attending in this event page event as soon as it becomes available to us.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any of our board members or you can email us at realmadridlosangeles@gmail.com

Si desea esta informacion en Español, por favor dejenos saber.  Gracias

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