I will baptize this blog THE DOUBLE EDGE SWORD!

As all things in life, when you posses greatness like the FIFA club of the century does, you will be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t!

So the Madridismo is sick, and tired of the Florentino Perez era, all about money, buying foreign players, and selling our homegrown talents, which tend to return to haunt us in competition as Morata, Mata, Soldado, Negredo, E’to, and many others have. Floren’s obsession with buying world renowned players, like Floyd Mayweather buys luxury cars is ridiculous!

I for one, had the previledge to watch Real Madrid when it was a FIFA club of the century type institution, I’m talking la Quinta del Buitre days, Bam Bam Zamorano, Suker, Mijatovic, the emergence on the eternal captain Raul Gonzalez Blanco, whom at 17 years old showed Valdano, and the entire country of Spain, that he had balls bigger than his body! something our current stars lack. Then came Floren! with his buffoonery! which started with the Galacticos…. yes, sure, who wouldn’t want Ronaldo Ronaldo Nazário de Lima, Zidanne, R. Carlos, Luis Figo, David Beckham, Iker Casillas and the greatest symbol of Madridismo Raul RaúL Gonzalez Blanco 7 on the same squad….but even that squad wasn’t as majestically put together as Floren wanted it to be… but it started a decade of jersey selling, predominantly foreign players whom don’t love the crest, let alone protect it against all enemies! foreign and domestic (those bastards Cules)

So the Sheriff is ranting you might say.. The Sheriff hates anyone and everyone who isn’t named Raul some say…The Sheriff is a conservative jerk who only praises native Spaniards, and bullies poor innocent, filthy rich, amazingly good looking, and best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo… but let me enlighten you with some facts you may have forgotten while recently focusing all your attention on Saturday’s 4-0 ass whooping, on Floren, and on probably the most innocent bystander in this mess, whom walked into a Lions den without even knowing what the heck awaited him, Rafa Benitez. I mean, who the heck are we kidding? we all knew the job was dangerous when he took it…but put yourselves in his shoes…would you turn it down? NOOOOOOOO! it is freaking Real Madrid for the love of Pete! no one would. So the guy choked Saturday, and before then against Sevilla, which to me was the pre-show to the devastating result this past Saturday, I knew then that Barca was gonna sweep the Bernabeu with us! I just did not anticipate a 4-0. So here are some facts, pretty straight forward which illustrates easily our demise in the past decade, and Barca’s rise to the top as Spain’s most dominant team:
Liga/Copa del Rey/UCL since 99 to present


14-02-1999 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 3-0
26-10-1999 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 2-2
27-02-2000 (Madrid). R. Madrid – Barcelona 3-0
21-10-2000 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 2-0
03-03-2001 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 2-2
04-11-2001 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 2-0
16-03-2002 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-1
23-04-2002 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 0-2
01-05-2002 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 1-1
24-11-2002 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 0-0
20-04-2003 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 1-1
07-12-2003 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-2
25-04-2004 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 1-2
21-11-2004 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 3-0
10-04-2005 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 4-2
19-11-2005 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 0-3
01-04-2006 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-1
22-10-2006 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 2-0
11-03-2007 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 3-3
23-12-2007 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 0-1
07-05-2008 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 4-1
13-12-2008 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 2-0
02-05-2009 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 2-6
29-11-2009 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-0
10-04-2010 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 0-2
29-11-2010 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 5-0
16-04-2011 (Madrid) R.Madrid – Barcelona 1-1
20-04-2011 (Valencia) R.Madrid – Barcelona 1-0
27-04-2011 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 0-2
03-05-2011 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-1
14-08-2011 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 2-2
17-08-2011 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 3-2
10-12-2011 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 1-3
18-01-2012 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 1-2
25-01-2012 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 2-2
21-04-2012 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-2
23-08-2012 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R.Madrid 3-2
23-08-2012 (Madrid) R.Madrid – Barcelona 2-1
07-10-2012 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R.Madrid 2-2
30-01-2013 (Madrid) R.Madrid – Barcelona 1-1
26-02-2013 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-3
02-03-2013 (Madrid) R.Madrid – Barcelona 2-1
26-10-2013 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 2-1
23-03-2014 (Madrid) R.Madrid – Barcelona 3-4
16-04-2014 (Valencia ) Barcelona – R. Madrid 1-2
25-10-2014 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 3-1
22-03-2015 (Barcelona) Barcelona – R. Madrid 2-1
21-11-2015 (Madrid) R. Madrid – Barcelona 0-4

So let’s play the finger pointing game, who should go? Floren? Benitez? or all the useless extranjeros we have? the answer is much deeper than that, and not as easy to fix as most may think. Benitez is not gong anywhere, Floren will give him the chance to finish the season. Demicion para Florentino, not a chance, at least not yet…. now the players, there is where we can make some much needed changes. Barca is currently living their best era, thank Guardiola, or the fact they ACTUALLY use their homegrown talent from la Masia, but the simple fact of the matter is, they are a legit, dominant TEAM! term we are very far from in recent years. Yeah, it is true that the also bring foreigners, Suarez, Neymar, Rakitic to name a few. But the difference is they adapt to the collective play and simply make magic! as I can’t describe it any other way. Trust me, this is not about praising the enemy, or stating my eternal hate for them..it is what it is, and they were, and are the better team. We play for the most part, for the primadonna, so that he can win pichichi, Balon d”or, Golden Boots, etc… and our darn trophy room, collecting spider webs. The biggest difference between la BBC and MSN, is simply that, collective play, unselfishness, and a crazy family like environment on the pitch, while our megastars can barely stare at one another walking through the tunnel.

All that being said, let’s analyze the destruction, and move to a brighter note, as La Peña Madridista de Los Angeles threw a hell of a party for their socios on Saturday.


-Rafa Benitez recalled some of his key players for Saturday’s 4-0 El Clasico defeat to Barcelona but perhaps should have considered current form and fitness, rather than reputation. At Real Madrid there is a necessity to put the big names out on the pitch but was it really a good idea to play James Rodriguez, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, which out of the 3, only James stood out, as Benzema looked as rusty as an old barring, and Gareth Bale, well, is Gareth Bale! a ghost on the pitch whom lacks confidence and rarely touches the ball, say what you wanna say about Kaka being a flop! this guy takes the cake at 100 million Euros.

-The mystery? como coños jugara Benitez? the debate as to whether Benitez would attack or defend at the Bernabeu. In the end, Real did neither. Frustrated by Barcelona’s tactic of slowing the game down and then hitting with a quick pass, Real were not really in the match in the first half and the visitors could have been more than 2-0 up at the break. Benitez’s idea to press Barcelona in the opposition half was not really suited to the personnel he selected, considering their lack of match fitness, and it played into Barcelona’s hands. Tika Taka was back, and in some embarrassing form, as the darn Cules touched the ball 36 times before Suarez put it in the back of the net for the first goal of the match, after Ramos played him horribly to allow the Uruguayan international to cross the ball past Navas, whom couldn’t pull any rabbits out of his butt as he has in past games. I guess that erases the issue of whether the goalie was the blame…NO! OUR DEFENSE STINKS.





-The players that should have stayed on the bench: Danilo, The Brazilian full-back was completely out of his depth against his compatriot Neymar and was wayward in his passing. Danilo is still very much Dani Carvajal’s back-up and on the evidence of his performance in the Bernabeu, he will be for a while yet. Another poor investment Floren!!!! play the local talent for the love of God!!!!! Kroos, I love the guy, he is typically solid, accurate passer, but Casemiro should have been there! More or less anonymous in the first half and it really is difficult for the Germany international to justify his place in the side ahead of Casemiro. He did win possession to allow James a shot on goal with some tenacious work but Kroos’ passing was sloppy. Benitez to blame here, it is not Kroos’s fault. Now to one of Madrid’s worse investments, Bale, The Wales international was also not on top of his game and was largely a spectator in the first half (as he tends to be in most games), asides from a decent cross during first half, he did very little or nothing at all. He did well to release Cristiano Ronaldo on the break in the second but if Benitez needed a first line of defense in attack against Barcelona, Bale was not it. You have Vasquez Benitez, Isco Alarcón!!! Hello! even Jese. Karim Benzema, this poor guy was so out of game form, that he missed a clear opportunity on the far post during the clash. I can only feel sorry for him, between his poor play, injuries, and personal demons, add to that a hostile Bernabeu crowd, I think I would have missed that one on the far post as well.


Mr. Navas, well, time to really piss off some of my Los Angeles Madrdistas here, he is no saint, and he sure as hell is no savior, not blaming him for anything although that Neymar goal…ummmmm could have done better, but I reiterate with this that Iker Casillas was not the issue, we had no midfield, and our defense was so out of sink, they would have been eliminated on week one of Dancing with the Stars!

-Down to my favorite, what do you guys call him? El Bicho mayor, el mejor del mundo, CR7 el veloz….. or just Ronaldo, which by the way, solo hay uno, Ronaldo Nazario…yup, I said it!!!

This guy was still at his movie premier from what I saw at the Bernabeu, no initiative, no magic, yeah, I might be hard on him from time to time, ok, I lied lol, all the time, but I just can’t stand his whining, lack of leadership with Madrid (ojo, this dude plays his heart for Portugal, single handily) among many other flaws I see with him, including but not limited to his self centered antics in and out of the pitch. I renamed him CR undies! because it seems that is where his career will end! selling calzonsillos people, or making another douchy documentary about his great self! what a waste that movie was, I got suckered into watching it, but trust me when I tell you this, it was not anything different from what you already knew. He blew a lifetime opportunity to humble himself, and have haters like me at least respect his human side, but no, he added salt to the already huge wound he has on my book! a self centered pretty boy! y nada mas y nada mas. And don’t let me start with Mendes…tal para cual! par de capullos!
But who am I kidding, this guy has potential, has shown us extraterrestrial goals, moves, and much more at Madrid and prior to Madrid, but for some darn reason he does a Hudini act against big clubs lately, and I mean lately, we all know he has tagged Barca in the past, even my hater booty recognizes that, but these days, he seems unmotivated, could he be sabotaging Benitez? does he want out? His free kicks have not been spectacular as they once were, in fact he hasn’t hit one in ages. But no coach has had the cojones to take that ball away from him! not Mou, not Carlo, and Benitez looks like he is afraid of his own shadow, so don’t count on it. Ohhh and did I fail to mention he ate a golden opportunity to score “el de la honra” ohhh yes, he choked and Bravo took the credit of course. Somewhere in California Irina if laughing her ass off….literally, while snugging on Bradley Cooper of course lol, good girl! that’s an upgrade chica wink emoticon

So to sum it all up, Real Madrid let Barcelona win El Clásico by standing around and doing nothing! the whole team!
Unlike the media, el Madridismo, I’m not scolding Benitez, the dude took a job that he knew he couldn’t do, but in all fairness who wouldn’t have, yeah, he made some bone headed decisions, played the wrong players, and 4-0 later we want him fired! but our issues go beyond a coach people! Mou was the special one, we got spanked 5-0, El Ingeniero Pelegrini, we got rocked too, with Carlo, 3-0… and who can forget that 6-2…ughhh… all I remember was our eternal captain busting his ass during that game, coming down to play defense, and that infamous schooling he did to Messi when he stripped him of the ball. Los Cojones que se extrañan hoy capitan!

1) Do what you can, with who you have… Benitez stays
2) Sell Cristiano IMMEDIATELY by January, latest the Summer
3) Sell, ohh wait, donate Bale to charity, no one in their right mind will pay 100 Million for him, who is that stupid? ohhh wait, Floren did lol….
4) Prepare Zidanne for the job next year!!! Raul as his assistant and future replacement!
5) USE LA FRABRICA JODER!!!! the only thing I envy from the Farzas is their homegrown talent

INIESTA WAS APPLAUDED for a reason!!!!! what? you thought I wasn’t gonna mention that, he got applauded and it was well deserved! something that we obviously will never do for Messi, whom by the way, didn’t do much as a sub (maybe he & CR7 had the same meal), thank God, as he is returning from an injury… honorable mentions Suarez and Neymar…good game from both


-Finally, something nice to talk about! what an ambiance! as only La Peña Madridista Los Angeles-Real Madrid Los Angeles Supporters Club can bring you! a packed house of over 400 + Madridistas enjoyed an atmosphere that you can only duplicate at the Bernabeu! Drums, chants, great food and drinks! Carslberg models, beIN SPORTS USA broadcasting live! a Red Carpet photo stand, and over 70 + High Def TV’s to catch all the action!!! man, if you stayed at home, you missed out!

-A well put together event, thanks to RMLA’s amazing event coordinator, Naty Membreno, and the rest of the RMLA leadership whom put a huge effort into making this Clasico a special experience for the socios regardless of the out come! Voz del Socio and photographer extraordinaire, Kahloy Cortéz took some amazing photos of the events, which you can check on our official website realmadridlosangeles.com.

-A huge thanks to our sponsors for their great support! Carlsberg USA Granada Soccer Store Tom’s Urban LA Live and beIN SPORTS En Español and for making this event one of our best to date!!!

TO OUR MEMBERS! OUR SOCIOS! I can’t ever stress this enough, without you, none of this would be possible!!! thank you!
I do what I do for all of you, because I was once in your shoes, and I wanted a great place, with a great group of people to watch quality Real Madrid soccer! and that place is RMLA!!! and I’m proud to serve all of you unconditionally!!! HALA MADRID!!! Y NADA MAS!!!

We look forward to seeing all of you for our next big event, which will come in the December, our annual RMLA Toy’s 4 Tots which benefits those children in need, during the holiday season.

Till the next time, signing off, yours truly, the one and only Sheriff, (todos los demas son Cristianos lol or Cristiano fans for that matter)
Jesus Alfonso Peralta



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