Real Madrid Los Angeles Supporters- Peña Madridista de Los Angeles It was the summer of 2011 and Los Angeles was once again graced by a visit from the best football club in the world, Real Madrid, for their pre-season training and friendly matches. During the time, realizing how hard it is to find football fans, let alone follow our beloved club in the States, several of us Real Madrid supporters found ourselves realizing that in a country where this beautiful sport actually takes a back burner to its American version, that we wanted and needed more. It was time to set up a peña where people who felt the same passion for this premiere club and the game itself, could get together to watch and cheer at matches together. So thanks to some diligent social networking, on a beautiful sunny day in July at UCLA, during one of Real Madrid’s training sessions, the founding members met up and started to formulate the plans to work together to create the first “official” Real Madrid Supporters Club in California. aboutus   How we started Real Madrid Supporters Los Angeles It started with a Facebook page, a few conference calls and today, La Peña Madridista de Los Angeles is the first official and largest premiere Real Madrid Supporters Group on the West Coast to be recognized by the club.  Nowadays, our Peña can boast to having over 700+ local L.A. members and more than 10,000 followers on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ from all over the world including many high profile sporting journalists & commentators.   Between 2011 and 2014 during the club’s visit to Los Angeles, the Peña board and Peña members visited the team at their Hotel where we were received by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, following this everyone met and chatted with players Kaká, Albiol and board member Enrique Pérez, director of Institutional Relations Emilio Butragueño and director of Football, Miguel Pardeza and were thrilled to be able to take some photos with them all. Stewart Wolfenson, Peña president, summed up to perfection this emotional experience:  There are many things in life that mark you: the birth of your child… seeing your team.  Meeting those people that bring you so much enjoyment is an unforgettable experience for all of us. We want Real Madrid to feel at home and the tour is tremendous because of the passion here in California for this team. It’s a dream come true. These days, Peña Madridista de Los Angeles, gathers all of Southern California based Real Madrid fans on match days to watch their team at our “Casa Blanca” in downtown Los Angeles, Tom’s Urban at LA Live. Once there, they become part of our large “Merengue” family watching & cheering with a spirit unmatched in its passion for Real Madrid F.C.


Stewart - President

Elisa - Vice President

Jesus - Secretary

Godwin - Membership Director

Karina - Social Media Director

Kahloy - Website Administrator

Edward - La Voz del Socio

Leo - Advisor to The Board