DATE: 11/18/2017


@ 11:45 a.m. @ Tom’s Urban – L.A. Live
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DATE: 11/5/2017


Our own Barra – Inmortales L.A.

We would like to give a big welcome to our new RMLA board addition!

Robert Moreno, Communications Director

Robert Moreno has joined us as our Communications Director!

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El Clasico 2017 Viewing Party

Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
Presented by:

Tom’s Urban – LA Live

A huge congrats to our socio Abraham Chavez on being selected as October’s OPM of The Month.



Please introduce yourself:

Hello, my name is Abraham Chavez. I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, I have 4 daughters, three beautiful grand kids and a wonderful wife.


When and why did you become a Madridista?

I heard about Real Madrid when I lived in El Salvador and the Galaticos when I was in L.A, but at that time, it was really hard to watch them on TV, especially in Los Angeles. So, when I was on

vacation in El Salvador, I finally get to see them on TV again. Real Madrid was already in my heart when La Liga finally came on live TV in the US. Then, I started to watch Real Madrid every

other week, damn Gol TV for not showing them every week.


Tell us what you love most about Toms Urban hosting us? What’s your favorite item on the menu?

I believe that this venue was made for sports game viewing because it used to be the ESPN Zone. The TVs, and the way tables and the bars are set up, makes the atmosphere more

enjoyable to watch a Real Madrid game and to have a few drinks while watching. The waitresses are very friendly, and the food is really good. My favorite plate in Tom’s Urban is Lobster tacos.


Since you were one of the 22 socios that went to our first Madrid trip. How was that experience?

I never thought that I could be in the Bernabeu watching a Real Madrid game, nor have I ever dreamed of watching the best Real Madrid team of all time playing in the Champions League.

That night in the Santiago Bernabeu was incredible, I became electrified when I heard the Real Madrid Line Up through the speakers,and I started to chant their names. I was so excited that my heart started pounding when I was listening the Champions league Anthem. I pinched myself,

and no, I was not dreaming!.I am never going to forget that night, after we were losing 0-1 against Napoli. We ended up winning 3-1. Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!!!


Which is your most memorable moment with RMLA?

The most memorable moment I have, it was when I was invited to receive the official recognition as La Peña Madridista de Los Angeles in the Beverly Hills hotel by Florentino Perez and Emilio

Butragueño. That day, I met Kaka, Morata, Albiol, and Murinho too.



We will be back next month with our October OPM of the month.


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