DATE: 5/4/2016

11:30 a.m. @ Tom’s Urban, LA Live


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This is How We Do El Clásico.

Hala Madrid! Himno del Centenario

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It’s El Clásico Month!

And what better way to kick off April than with this month’s selected OPM!
Congratulations to Armand Bujanda!




Armand is a true Madridista! He attends most of Real Madrid Los Angeles’ meetups and is always there sitting front row. His enthusiasm toward the team and RMLA is amazing and for that we feel he deserves this recognition. Let’s learn about him.


Armand, tell us a bit about your passion for Real Madrid. Why did you decide to follow the team?

The story really started when I saw highlights of Ronaldo playing for Man United on SportsCenter. People were always talking about Ronaldo and I was like this guy is good.  So I watched the 09 UCL final but they lost but I was like wherever this guy goes I will go.  That summer he switched to Madrid and that’s how my fandom started.  Then as time went on and I fell in love with more of the players and coaches as well.  But even after he leaves the club, because that dreaded day will come where he will have to retire, I will always support the Blancos.


We know Ronaldo is your favorite player, how did you feel when you found out he was coming to Real Madrid?

I was excited and felt like he could do great things for this club. Once he made the move I did some research on the team and what I found astonished me and I was like this team is good.  The records they hold and I know he’ll set some of his own.


What are your expectations for the Champions League? Do you feel this could be the year we win the 11th?

I’m really hoping it’s the year of “La Undecima”. I think we have a team that if we get to the final in a one off we can win.


How did you find Real Madrid Los Angeles and what makes you keep coming back for more?

When I first started following Madrid, everyone else that I knew that followed soccer was a barça fan sadly.  As I got older, I seemed to only encounter more and more barça fans so I thought I know how big this team is there has to be more fans in the area. Thus through the magic of Facebook I was able to find the club.  What keeps me coming back is the fact that I now know I have people that like the same team I do because it was honestly hard when everywhere you turn the only team people talk about is barça.  After finally finding a club of Blancos, the only regret I have is that I did not know about the club in the year that we won La Décima.



What do you enjoy the most about viewing the games at our Sponsor’s Tom’s Urban?

I really enjoy Tom’s Urban.  I think their food is great and the location is perfect because it’s in the heart of Los Angeles.  Also it’s at the perfect distance for a member like myself who lives on the LA/IE border.  Their staff is nice and the layout is perfect because they have big screens everywhere.


Thank you Armand for all the support you give to our wonderful Peña! We hope you enjoy the perks RMLA will provide you with and hope to keep seeing you at our next meetups!





Madridistas, we hope to see you all for the long awaited Clásico this Saturday!
Make sure you arrive early.

I say we take this one 3-1, what is your prediction?!

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