DATE: 4/29/2017


11:15 a.m. @ Rec Room


DATE: 4/26/2017


El Clasico 2017 Viewing Party

Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live

Our OPM of the month for April has been awarded to Debbie Sanchez!



Deb is such an awesome madridista who truly deserves to be OPM of the month.

She’s always coming to the meetups with a positive attitude, very kind personality, always representing Los Blancos, and always willing to give us a hand for big events. Thank You


Please introduce yourself:

Hello All Madridistas! My name is Debbie Sanchez

I am a 100% Chapina, and always been a fan of the great sport of Fútbol Soccer especially Real Madrid, the greatest Futbol Team!


How did you find out about RMLA?

I found out about RMLA through a great friend of mine, who referred me to the Facebook page to look for places where to watch games with other fans. I joined the page, went to the 1st upcoming meet up and the rest is history. I keep coming back, because now we are this BIG family of Madridistas and the meetups are cool, lively, safe and overall everyone is very respectful with each other. We laugh and celebrate victories and we cry together on the few defeats that may come our way.


Tell us about the rivalry at home being that your husband is a Barcelona fan?

It’s fun!! My husband is very cool about it, we are always on opposite sides, we make bets, drive each other crazy, we bicker and talk smack about the other’s team, we hide each other’s jerseys ha, ha, ha, but lately he’s been suffering more, because we are ahead on La Liga and the latest results of UCL have us on a good spot. (sorry honey) Lol


Which is your favorite food item/drink at our Bernabeu (Toms Urban) ?

I love their Chicken Wings they’re to die for, and my choice of drink is the Moscow Mule, yeah baby!


What do you think of our new sponsor the GO90 app?

I love the Go90 App I’ve been using the App since last year, the opportunity to watch games without interruption everywhere you go is awesome and priceless! And for me its data free.


What’s your most memorable Real Madrid Moment?

I have many Real Madrid most memorable moments, but I’d have to go with meeting/seeing many of the team members at UCLA trainings its at the top of my list, got a few of them to sign my Jersey, whoa incredible moments when I had Iker Casillas in front of me; that moment was priceless.


Once again, Debbie, thanks for being such an awesome Madridista and keep repping RMLA.




We will be back next month with our May OPM of the month.


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