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Liliana Márquez Sánchez

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Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live

Hello February…month of love, friendship and FÚTBOL!


Julio Cantoral has been selected as our lucky February OPM of the Month!


Julio has been with RMLA for a few years now. He is always there for us when we need the extra help, whether it be for El Clásico, Toys for Tots, raffles… Julio is always willing to give a helping hand. Sometimes even arriving hours before a big event to help set up and make sure things go smoothly. His dedication is amazing and this is why he deserves it!


Let’s start by knowing a little bit more about you. What do you enjoy most about being a Madridista?

I enjoy the most about being a Madridista is that our team plays in different tournaments such as La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions and that I get to watch many matches in a season.


How did you become a fan? What made you choose Real Madrid as “your team”?

I became a fan since the “Galacticos” era.  I choose Real Madrid as my team because it’s the greatest club in the history of sports.


A lot of people think Cristiano is finished, due to his performance decreasing in the past few months. What do you think about that?

CR7 is not finished, we are just used to see him play well and score lots of goals. His own success is his own downfall; he always wants to do better.


If you could change one thing about Real Madrid Los Angeles, what would it be?

I would not change anything about Real Madrid Los Angeles, I am glad we have a fun club in Los Angeles where I have met lots of good people and have enjoyed many games.


What is your favorite dish/drink at our Sponsor Tom’s Urban?

Buffalo Wings, Two Way French Fries and a Stella.


Thank you once again Julio for your support always. Hope to see you at the next meetup! Please enjoy the perks RMLA will provide you with.


See you next month Madridistas as our search continues!








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