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We would like to give a big welcome to our new RMLA board addition!

Robert Moreno, Communications Director

Robert Moreno has joined us as our Communications Director!

Give Robert a big HALA MADRID!

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Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live

A huge congrats to our BICHO, Jorge Huezo, on being selected as May’s OPM of The Month.


He’s a Real Madrid soldier, a true fan with a heart of gold who can always be found cheering our team in the middle of our own Barra Brava section at Tom’s Urban.


Please introduce yourself
Hola, my name is Jorge Huezo and I’m a Hard core Real Madrid fan. I love playing fútbol, camping, fishing, etc.  I love the outdoors in general.


Since you’re one of the original members when RMLA started, what are your thoughts on how it’s grown?

Well, let me think! When RMLA started unofficially, there were only 4 of us at the LA Coliseum’s parking lot (tail gate get together) waiting to go in and watch our almighty play against LA Galaxy, summer 2011 to be exact. So much has happened since 2011 and all I can say is that RMLA has grown so much to the point that every scheduled Meetup is a must go! You don’t want to miss out on the game, the beautiful faces, the chants, but better yet the feeling of supporting our merengues with a group of beautiful Madridistas that share the same likes and feelings for our one and only, Los Blancos!


We know you’re a huge CR7 fan. Tell us why

Great question! Don CR7 as some of us call him, is one of those once in a life time futbol players that every coach wants to train. My love for his game started in 2003 when he moved from Sporting CP to Manchester United as the new deadly #9 as the Man U fans used to called him. But in 2004 during the UEFA European Cup held in Portugal, I was able to see this beautiful futbol monster play fútbol like no other. He was so naturally skilled with awesome moves that I was like wow! thank you sir for your existence. I remember telling my wife Karina “Hey Kina, there is this one fútbol player and his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, man this guys is so awesome and you have got to see him play” and she was like “ok but were is he?” Please

understand that back in the early 2000s to watch international fútbol was a deal for the privileged only because there weren’t too many channels with the right to air fútbol to this side of the world. But when he moved to Madrid to play with our merengues in 2009… Well, the rest is history!  I’m madly in love with the way CR7 plays, the way he carries himself and for the financial support and love he shares with different groups around the world but especially his love and support to children in need, he is just an awesome human being.


Tell us what you love the most about Toms Urban hosting us? What is your favorite item on the menu?

You had to ask ha? Every time I’m at Toms, my favorite item on the menu is Hummus and Pita bread… it’s light, satisfying and gives me space in my belly for beer and my favorite Toms Urban Mule, lol!

I love Toms atmosphere, central location and the fact that they have many TVs where to watch our games (although reception has been an issue lately.)

Toms is still my favorite stop for fun as it represents and feels like our Santiago Bernabéu of LA.


Your most memorable moment with RMLA?

I have many great memories but Oh man, winning La Décima has been one of my greatest/most memorable moments that I’ve experienced with my fellow RMLA Madridistas! I have no words to explain such a beautiful moment. All I can say is that Winning LA Décima and celebrating our big win against Los Indios made me cry like a baby in disbelief after 12 years of misery!


Jorge, once again thanks for being such an awesome Madridista and keep repping RMLA.



We will be back next month with our May OPM of the month.


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