DATE: 12/6/2017


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DATE: 12/2/2017


We would like to give a big welcome to our new RMLA board addition!

Robert Moreno, Communications Director

Robert Moreno has joined us as our Communications Director!

Give Robert a big HALA MADRID!

Welcome to the team!

El Clasico 2017 Viewing Party

Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live

A huge congrats to our socia Maricela Meza on being selected as December’s OPM of The Month.




Tell us about yourself:

I live in Wilmington, close to LA, raised by hard working Mexican parents so I’m first generation here. My passion for futbol started when I began to play at the age of 15, kinda late I know. I would mainly watch the Mexico games growing up, so I never had a team to follow besides mi Seleccion.


When and why did you become a madridista?

I became a Madridista about 5 years ago after seeing how passionate my boyfriend was about the team. I started watching the games with him and I immediately fell in love with the team.

Mai & David

We are use to winning…How important is it for Real Madrid to win?

I think not only is it important for the team to win, but it’s expected of them to win. They are the greatest club in the world, so we always want that win!!!

Before finding out about RMLA. Who did you watch the matches with?

Before we found RMLA I would watch the games with David at his parents house, that whole family is about Real Madrid. They would host the bigger games, like clasicos and finales, and his friends would come over.


Your most memorable moment watching Real Madrid at Toms Urban?

I have A LOT of memorable moments at Toms Urban, but the one that makes me the happiest is the Uefa final this past June 3rd and it’s for far more than the fact that we won. That day the Barra Inmortales made its debut by marching to the entrance at Toms chanting for our beloved team. Also, because our little ultra, Isabelle, was there cheering and rooting for our team. It’s become more than just watching games, it’s a family affair, we love being apart of RMLA. Hala Madrid! Con todo Barra Inmortales y Viva Mexico Cabrones!!

We will be back next month with our December OPM of the month.


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