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Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live

Our OPM of the month for February / March  has been awarded to Federico Rivera!  aka Fede.


Fede is a charismatic young man whose love for Real Madrid is infectious to all around.  You could find him at any of our weekend meetups cheering Real Madrid along side other Socios.  His love for the team and our Peña  does not stop only at watching the games with us, but also often volunteering his time in big events, or organizing pre-clasicos get together at his cool pad.

We had a chance to catch up with him, and learn a bit more about himself:


Please tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have been a Real Madrid fan all of my life but really started to understand the game (business, player side, various competitions, intl breaks, chemistry, etc around 1997). I’ve been to the Bernabeau once in 2015 which ended up being Iker Casillas’ last game.  Very happy to be a part of RMLA and a fan of the best club in the world!


How did you find out about RMLA?

I was moving back to LA from San Francisco and I was looking through meet-up and stumbled upon RMLA. For the most part, I’d watch games alone because there wasn’t a meetup in the Bay Area that I knew of, would watch them at work with my friend who was also a fan.


Who’s your favorite player of all time or current, and why?

My favorite player of all time (so many) but if I had to choose one, I’d say ‘El Capi’ ‘ El Ferarri’ Raul. He came from humble beginnings, a hard worker, a prime example of Madridismo, a gentleman, a bad-ass, and he had so many important moments for the club and bled white.  He was my favorite player even when we had the galacticos once de gala and just the guy was class both on the pitch, in the locker room and away from football.


What’s your favorite food item at Tom’s Urban?

Buffalo chicken sliders


What’s your most memorable moment with RMLA

When we won La Undecima and being so happy and relieved that I cried (LOL). I remember looking for Edward and Meño to hug them and we just made a circle, jumped around and were crying in joy. The year was such a crazy year with Ancelotti being let go, Benitez being hired (who I wasn’t excited about at all) and then firing him to bring on el Mister Zidane.


Although he will soon be moving to Seattle, he will always be part of us.  En hora Buena!

Hala Madrid!


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