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Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live


RMLA’s Official Peña Member of the Month. Dolly Romero!!!

Official Peña Member (OPM) of the Month!

Welcome to our special OPM of the Month Column! A place where every month, RMLA will select a special Official Peña Member to be honored.


For the month of October, the OPM of the month is none other than the awesome Dolly Romero.


Dolly’s dedication to the Peña has been extraordinary! From attending most of our Meetups, to supporting Real Madrid until the end. We sat together with Dolly and asked her a couple questions:


Dolly, let’s start by knowing a little bit more about you. How and when did you become such a huge fan of Real Madrid CF?

DR: I was a fan since childhood thanks to my dad but my passion for Real Madrid increased as I was growing up. Especially with the “GALACTICOS”


How did you find Real Madrid Los Angeles?

DR: I used to go watch most of the Real Madrid games when Toms was an ESPN ZONE, so the day Real Madrid took over Allianz Arena on La Decima’s road, got my attention that a group of Madridistas were there, giving me a nice welcome and made me feel like a family member of LA Peña Madridista (especially Jesus and Meño)


The thing everyone wishes to know…who is your favorite player? And why?

DR: I love the entire team but my favorite player is and will be Cristiano Ronaldo. Why? because he is the best player of the world, never giving up plus giving his best for Real Madrid, he’s generous and he’s always competing. Cristiano Ronaldo is positive and inspiring for the rest of the team


What do you enjoy the most about watching the games at Tom’s Urban, LA Live?

DR: At Toms I feel secure. Their staff is friendly and nice. The location is great and I love their contemporary look for our gatherings but RMLA makes it better and a special place


And lastly, what are your expectations for this upcoming season. What do you wish to see?

DR: My expectations towards the team is to win everything possible.

My expectations towards RMLA is to keep growing and to continue being a great Familia Madridista.

You guys are doing a great job.

Thank You.


Thanks again for all you do Dolly! It is because of people like you, that our group has been so successful in becoming the best Peña! Please enjoy the goodies RMLA will provide you with.


La Voz del Socio Edward and Kahloy with OPM of the Month Dolly as well as column writer Karina

Madridistas! Keep attending those Meetups and stay tuned to this section next month…..YOU could be next!

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