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Official Peña Member OF THE MONTH
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Tom’s Urban – LA Live

We would like to announce that the wonderful Lupita Flores has been selected as our OPM of the Month for November!



Lupita is one of our most fun and outgoing OPM’s. She always shows up with a smile and knows how to get the crowd going, especially with her original chant “El que no brinque es Barca!” She has demonstrated her loyalty to RMLA by volunteering for big events when able to and you can also see her at the meetups midweek!


What makes you so passionate about Real Madrid?

I’m passionate about Real Madrid because of their history. They have managed to win everything! They have the world’s best players and they make history with them. Plus…Hugoool played for them.


Why is Cristiano Ronaldo your favorite player? What makes him so special?

Me encanta Ronaldo porque el es la imagen del esfuerzo y sacrificio! Su passion por el fútbol es como ninguno.


What worries you when the team is not performing at their best? Is there room for improvement?

When the team is not playing well I worried that other teams (farsa and atleti) take advantage and leave us behind in the table. There’s always room for improvement, I think rotating players can be beneficial because we tend to have LOTS of injuries throughout the year.


Give us one thing you LOVE about our sponsor, Tom’s Urban LA Live?

I LOVE Toms Urban’s location! It’s in the center of most cities and the place is HUGE!!! Plus their happy hour rocks!!!


What is your prediction for this season? Champions League? La Liga? Copa del Rey? All 3?

My prediction for this year will have to be….El Triplete!!!! Hala Madrid y nada mas!!!!


Thank you Lupita for all you do and for your tremendous support thru out the season. Congratulations once again on being named November’s OPM of the Month! Please enjoy the perks RMLA will provide you with.



Would you like to be our next OPM of the month? Keep attending those meetups and keep an eye on this section! See you next month!


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